Sunday, January 19, 2014

summer in utah

Our summer vacation in Utah turned into a 5 month stay. We bought a house in Houston and the owners wanted to rent the home back until there home was done being built at the end of September. Which turned into being the beginning of November.
We didn't complain much. We had so much fun being there. The best part was my brother got home from his mission. It was so great seeing him come down the escalator in the SLC airport. He looked great!

We spent a lot of time in the in my parents backyard. Cole loves throwing rocks in the river and Kate LOVES the rope swing. It is such an amazing backyard. It is heavenly.

McKinley's spa birthday party. Cole even got involved

We went up to Deer Valley Club for a week. The Cook's came up for a few nights. It is so beautiful up there.

Princess Festival
My mom took Kate to the princess festival at Thanksgiving Point. She got to get a new princess dress and she was obsessed. She loved seeing the princesses, but I think she liked wearing her princess dress out of the house most.

Canoeing and exploring my parent's mapleton property

Blackmail picture one day. Matching with Cece

Our favorite thing about being up in Utah is all the cousin time! Kate LOVES playing with her cousins