Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Make Way for Ducklings Parade- Public Gardens

One of my favorite days in Boston was the Make Way for Ducklings day at the park. They bring the swans back into the pond with a band and the Four Seasons Hotel passes out sugar cookies and the best  lemonade and the tulips are gorgeous!
It is the perfect day! 
Claire Archibald and Cole so so cute!

Trying to get Cooper in the picture

My attempt at getting the kids to take a few pictures

Lake Winnepesaukee Half Marathon

Elizabeth came up to run The Big Lake half marathon. I didn't do it, I was the supporter! We rented a lake house for the weekend. It was so much fun!
Here were the runners!



MIT Graduation

I can not believe we are done! Everyone said it would go by really fast and I didn't believe having no money and living in 500 sq. ft. could go by fast, but I was wrong. It was THE BEST 2 YEARS EVER! It was hard and stressful, but living in Boston was the highlight of my life and I made so many great friends that I am going to miss sooooo much!

I tried so hard to get some family pictures in front of the MIT Dome and the Sloan building and it NEVER worked.  Between the weather, construction and meltdown children we got a few snaps in the dark the day before we left. 

Graduation Weekend

 Thursday was Commencement. Both of our families came in for the graduation festivities! We are so lucky to have such great families that are so supportive. 
Commencement is only for the MBA peeps. It was Downtown in the theater district. 


 We had heard the weather was suppose to be horrible on the actually graduation day, which was such a bummer because the whole ceremony was to take place outside so we took a few pictures.

 Thursday night they had a reception at the top of the Prudential Center. The view was amazing!
 Friday was graduation and yes, it was pouring the whole time! It was horrible. We were freezing, wet and could hardly see.  Happy Freaking Graduation!
 Mike getting ready to walk....


I am so proud of Mike for working so hard to not only get into MIT, but graduating! You are my hero!