Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marathon Monday- Boston Marathon 2013

Boston Marathon 2013
Patriots Day in Boston was one of my favorite days last year, here in Boston. 
We were so excited my dad made the qualifying time to run in the Boston Marathon. Last year he missed the cut off time by 1 minute!
My parents came in on Friday night. Saturday morning my dad and Mike went to a LDSSA, MBA conference for the day.  I got a babysitter and my mom and I went shopping. We had a great time! We went to dinner with Elizabeth, Larry, Catherine, Bryan, Amy and Beau Jewkes. It was a great night. Sunday afternoon we went to the expo center to pick up all my dad's race gear. Their were so many people. You could feel the excitement in the air. 
 Monday morning he left for the race and we headed out to Wellesley close to Anthony and Kristin Archibald's house to watch the elite runners and wheelchair racers come through. It is so inspiring to see the everyone in the race come by. 

Here are the kids cheering on my dad!
Kate made a poster the intead of say, "go pops" it said "go opps" she was so excited to hold it up when he came by. We were following him on the Follow my Friends app so we knew he was really close by.

Mile 13 and he was feeling great!

At Mile 13 he was feeling great. 8:15 minute miles, he was cruising!
By mile 17 he started cramping up and feeling sick. We watched his time start to slow down.  
Kate stayed and played in Wellesley with Claire and we headed downtown to the finishline. Cole was so tired so we decided to put him to sleep at our house and have the Landon's listen out for him. sidenote: there aren't many things I like about our little 585 sq. foot apartment, but the thing I DO love is having great neighbors!
After Cole was asleep Mike, my mom and I made our way to the finish line less then a mile away from our apartment. We started watching the race on Boylston street after mile marker 26 right in front of the Apple Store. We meet up with our friends cheered my dad on while he finished the race. He was feeling horrible. It was cold and he was sick. So he went into the medical tent and we walked over to find him. 

We rushed passed the finishline 
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Mile 19- Heart Break Hill
Text from my Dad
Hey all What a day! Whew! Here is a quick report: I actually did fine in the race for the first 16 or 17 miles and then started going downhill fast as my legs and stomach and everything else started to cramp up bad I was in the medical tent when the bombs went off 9 minutes after I finished I at first thought it was a Patriots Day cannon that went off with a very deep guttural blast that i could feel in my gut I jumped up to try and figure out what was going on and then a second blast went off and everybody realized it was probably a bomb. I started clearing out as the police began running towards the finish line. The police were were yelling at everyone to clear out I climbed the fence and got out of the area as fast as I could waddle Connie mike and Ju walked right in front of the storefront less than 4 minutes before it blew. and we think had been standing almost the exact spot where the 2nd one went off We were all seriously protected. Thank the good lord I feel so bad for the dead and over 50 wounded with limbs severed and shrapnel Wounds It was very bad And very sad Give everyone a hug for us. Life is short and uncertain Love you Stan