Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

 Christmas eve is a highlight at my parents home. Our cousins, the Schiess, and my grandpa came over that night. We made homemade pizzas in the pizza oven and had a great Christmas program with stories, songs and movie clips. We all get to open our Christmas jammies to wear. Kate was so much fun. She loved everything about Christmas. She was begging to go to bed because she was so excited for Christmas morning.  Kate loved her Christmas dress which is huge, because she doesn't like any of her dresses she is so picky and paticular. She doesn't like anything with ruffles, bows, long sleeves her leggings can't have any wrinkles in it and she won't wear socks. Micah is a magic worker and can get her to wear things she usually won't touch and can get her do cute things with her hair. We call her magic Micah.

Rachel and Craig's Wedding

Rachel and Craig got hitched! We had such a fun time at their wedding and all of the festivities.
Their reception was at Riverside Country Club and it was a PARTY! The kids had so much fun dancing. Laura made flower girl dresses for all the girls and a they looked so cute.

 At the wedding dinner
 Waiting for Rachel and Craig to come out of the temple