Wednesday, March 5, 2014


January 2014
Mike couldn't make it to Kate's donuts and dad day at preschool. He was going to make a huge effort to come down for it, but luckily we talked her into going on a daddy daughter date on Saturday. They went and got donuts and then they let Cole and I tag along to the American Girl doll store and to ride the train. We had a great time! 

Our friends invited us to Shrek the Musical at Memorial high School. Kate was so excited and absolutely loved it! It was actually really great. High school musicals have stepped it up since I have been in high school!
Mike and Cole getting ready to work out in the yard. I wish we could get Cole to wear a hat!
Jumping on the new tramp that Mike put up... naked!
Kate playing with Sienna 
Most kids sleep without undies...right?
We had 2 freeze, cancel school days in Houston! It was crazy! This is the kids jumping on the frozen tramp.
Cole needed a few breaks on our walk home from the park.

Cole not loving making our Valentines craft

Our friends from Boston came down to visit us from San Antonio. We made a trip to the Children's Museum. I really miss living close to great musuems
Bennett and Kate are only a year apart... love the height difference

Brunch with Mckinsey


We spent Christmas up in College Station. We were the only ones with kids that spent Christmas. We had a great time!
We went to Santa's Wonderland with our good friends the Andrews who recently moved up to College Station!

Cole working on his prayers!

Kate loves using the phone as a mirror and ends up taking pictures

at thanksgiving we talked Kate into singing a song for  Christmas eve. "Where are you Christmas?" From The Grinch Stole Christmas. We practiced and practiced. She knew the song by heart. I bought her a new dress that she wore on Christmas Eve. Mostly because I felt guilty and didn't buy her a Christmas dress for church. She loved IT! I didn't think she would actually sing it, but she did and she did awesome! It was the cutest thing ever! Way to go Kate!!!

A few days after Christmas we took the family to the Bluebell factory

Uncle Bryan working on a gingerbread house with Kate

Aunt Emmie curled Kate's hair and she loved it!
Kate wearing her new Chritmas jammies

Christmas morning was so much fun! The kids were so excited! Christmas is so much fun with kids!!!

Kate's letter to Santa and his respond