Monday, February 10, 2014

Random Pictures from my phone July-December

Go Cougs! Football game with the clan. We were all in town for Nathan's homecoming

Nathan's homecoming! He did awesome!
Micah is so cute with Kate. They played spa and did Kate's hair really fancy.

This pictures of her kill me!
For Cole's birthday we went to the zoo and had cake!


Fish fry in for my parents ward. They fry up salmon and party at the park. The kids trying the fish toss. I was impressed Kate touched the fish.

Mike and the boys went to the Texas A&M vs Alabama football game. Go aggies
cuddles with grammy
This is the Place Monument with the cousins
  Kate was the special helper at school. She didn't want to take her tag off
We took Kate to the football game. She dressed up as a cheerleader. she loved the game and even though it was a late night she was awesome. Utah falls are seriously the best. We rode our bikes to the game which was fun too!

Cole started climbing out of his crib pack-n-play. I was so sad. For a few weeks I stuck his crib inside a tents and he didn't climb out. It didn't work for long. Luckily Laura brought out our real crib tent and saved the DAY!

Going on walks was a bit of a struggle. We would walk up a big hill and feed the horses.
For some reason, Kate decided to wear her bathrobe.

Emmy had to get some test done on her stomach. I got to take care of her for the day... until I got the stomach flu
1 full week of the stomach flu for me. It was horrible. I was so grateful my parents were around. My parents took Kate down to St. George with them for a few days. They went and saw Starlight Express at Tuacahn. She LOVED IT!


Kate never will wear pants or do her hair. We had to document.
Gardner Village with the cousins. So much fun at Halloween time.

Cole wasn't a huge fan of his Halloween costume. Kate put it on and was trying to show Cole how cool the costume is. 

Mckinsey retreat to Scottsdale A. We got to stay at a Marriot Resort and were wined and dined. 
Cameron. Micah and my parents kept the kids. They had a great time.

All White Party at the retreat.

I found cowboy boots at Nordstrom's Last Chance for kate.

We attempted sponge curlers on Kate hair. It looked so cute.

California with the cousins
Disneyland was a success! Kate and Cole had a great time.

We are having a BOY! Kate came with us to the ultra-sound. she wasn't disappointed it was a boy, because she said that means she will be spoiled!

BYU lunch with Tim on his dining plus.


Cole at the eye doctor.

Playing in the leaves during a perfect Utah fall evening

Cameron and Micah's Halloween party. Mike was the hit of the party.

Cabo, "Mom take a picture of me."


Christmas party at Mckinsey
Chik-fil-A outing
Mckinsey's kids Christmas Party. They went all out. Professional pictures, elves, Santa, crafts, and lots of food.
Kate loved her face painting job. Yikes!