Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Halloween in Utah turned out to be a lot more fun then expected. Don't get me wrong I don't think any Halloween will ever compare to Boston, but it was still fun.
The Saturday before Halloween we went trick-or-treating at Riverwoods so Mike could be part of the fun.
Kate wanted to be an ice princess and Cole was a chicken. They both looked so cute! I couldn't get over it!


Micah and Cameron have an annual Halloween party that they were nice enough to invite us to. Mike surprised me and wanted to go all out on our costumes. We borrowed the Harmers Frankenstein and bridezilla costumes. Mike was the hit of the party!

The Nixon clan dressed up and the song, " what does the fox say."

The night before Halloween we went trunk-or-treating at Riverside Country club. People went all out with their cars and  they had music and hot chocolate and half priced kids meals.

We started the night off strong but after about 5 houses we stopped at the Pastana's home. They had a bubble and fog machine, and a big screen playing music. The rest of the night the kids just wanted to dance the night away. We pulled them away to visit a couple more houses, but Kate and Cole ran all the way back to the dancing. It was so funny. Vintage closed its gates so there were no cars which was nice. 
It was a great night!