Sunday, January 27, 2013

Election Night

We have some friends in high places in the Romney campaign and we got to go to election party. It was a once in the lifetime experience. The mood was definitely somber when we all realized he wasn't going to win, but still really cool to say we got to be there.

Cole is starting to talk

Our sweet Cole Michael is starting to talk. He jibber jabbers all day long. His first words were "go go go" 2nd word was "deer" super random.... There is a deer head in the room we are staying at my parents house and he points to it and says "deer deer deer." A few other words are "ball" and "dadada." and "BOOM" He grabs your finger and shows you exactly what he wants. We will be downstairs he will grab our finger take us all the way upstairs and point to the tooth brush that he wants. The kid LOVES toothbrushes. It is a crack up! 
 He likes to dance by pumping his chest and stamping his feet.
We sure do love our little guy!


 After inviting 10 different couples and no one accepted our invitation, our couples trip turned we decided to bring the kids. We quickly got Cole a passport and thankfully, my parents wanted to come and talked Cameron and Micah into coming last minute.
This flight was definitely one of our most eventful flights.We almost didn't make it on our flight. We had been staying up at Deer Valley Club all week and we got a slow start the morning of our flight. Cameron, Micah and my parents flights were earlier that morning so it was just the kids and us. Of course we left later then we had expected so we were feeling a little stressed. While in the car Cole projectiled throwup all over himself, the carseat and the car. I quickly cleaned up as best a possible, picked David up so he could drop us off , left him a car full of throw up and quickly headed into the airport with 45 minutes to spare. While checking they couldn't find Cole's ticket. Of course the computers went down and they couldn't figure out what to do. 25 minutes later we quickly went through security, where they stopped to check one of our bags. Mike stayed with the bag and I ran to the gate with the kids and 1 suitcase. The doors to the gate were already shut, but they opened them to let us on. I begged them to wait a few more minutes for Mike.  Mike came running down the terminal. I couldn't believe they actually let him on the flight! We were on our way to Cabo!
This is what Kate said,
Wake up-check
get dressed-check
drive to the airport-check
get my swimsuit on and go to the beach-uncheck...lets go to Cabo!
Waiting in the airport while Mike and my dad negotiated a timeshare presentation.

The kids had a great time in the pool and the beach!

Mike and I took one for the team and did a timeshare presentation, a 90 minute presentation turned into a 4 hour deal... not fun, but we got $200.00 dinner vouchers and a fishing trip covered. The boys had a very successful fishing trip. They caught a bunch of fish!
Lovers beach

We took the fish the boys caught into town and a restuarant cooked it for good!

Cole isn't the best traveler he wasn't a great sleeper and we a pretty grumpy. Good thing he is cute.

One of our favorite things to do is watch the sunset on the beach. This was our last night in Cabo.
Cole had a horrible rash on his bottom and so we let him run around naked. Our course Kate had to join in on the fun.

Even though the trip wasn't exactly the romatic getaway we were hoping for. It was still a great trip! We can't wait to go again.