Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Pictures-Mt Auburn Cemetery

We met a few families over at the cemetery one Sunday morning and took pictures of each other. We figured all we need is one good shot and if you take 1000 pictures and we each had decent camera's one would turn out. 
It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the leaves were at their peak.

Here our a few from the photo shoot.

Our Epic Halloween

All I can say is Boston does Halloween/fall right! There is nothing more magically the New England in the fall. We talked Micah, Cameron, Mom and Dad to come this fall and stay until Halloween...they weren't disappointed! 
We saw all the sites we could possible squeeze into a week and it was amazing!

Grown up Halloween party. Murder Mystery at the Schmutz's house

Kate was Tangled...surprise surprise! Cole was a hand me down owl 

We went trick-or-treating at Beacon Hill, EVERYONE loved it! The houses are decorated amazing and it is so so much fun!

Photo shoot at Mt. Auburn Cemetery overlooking Boston.
They are such a good looking couple!

Graham Cracker Mangers

We tried to change it up a little this year and made gingerbread mangers with the churchill's and the Cosby's. The kids loved it!

Christmas 2012

Christmas is seriously magically when you have kids. Kate was so much fun! She loved everything about Christmas. She loved Santa, doing Elf on the Shelf, wrapping presents, writing letters to Santa, and sing Christmas songs. We were with my family this Christmas in Utah. We are enjoying Mike's last Christmas break ever and are really enjoying being in Utah this Christmas. We left 1 hour after Mike's last final of the semester! We found a killer deal on tickets to Las Vegas and Mike wanted to get gold status on United. BAD idea! We got to L.V. and into our hotel at 11:00 pm which is 3 hours ahead of Boston and Kate decided to wake up at 3:00 am. We were seriously going to kill her! After we finally woke up we cancelled our South West flight for the following day and jumped in my uncle Dave's car and got up to my parents house as fast as possible.  We were so so done with our kids. 
Since then we have been having a great time, Skiing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and hanging out with the family. It has been snowing like crazy the last few days and we got a really white Christmas!

Cole wasn't a big fan of Santa

Chrismas morning was so much fun! KAte woke up and said, " holy smokes, we got all of Santa's toy shop."
Baby Adele's first Christmas
Micah was so excited about her coat she gave herself a bloody nose

Everyone in our family is in school so for our p.j.'s this year we decided to get tee-shirts representing our schools!

Kate's favorite present was her broom and vacuum